Cerament Gentamicin


CERAMENT is the first and only CE-marked gentamicin-eluting injectable synthetic bone substitute on the market today. It is ideal for use in indications where infection may be present or of concern, because it offer. A resorbable ceramic bone graft substitute intended to fill bone gaps and voids to promote bone healing.

  • A high local concentration of gentamicin, without high serum gentamicin levels
  • Gentamicin elution with a high initial peak, that remain above the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) for at least 28 days
  • Elution that is reliable and consistent
  • A neutral pH that doesn’t interfere with antibiotic activity

Mixing Chart

The Mixing chart for Cerament Gentamicin:

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Guidance Video

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Cerament Gentamicin

Order No.  Description
 A0450-03  Gentamicin – 5 ml
 A0450-01  Gentamicin – 10 ml