Logic Distraction System


The OsteoMed LOGIC Mandibular Distractor is indicated for use as a mandibular bone lengthener for patients diagnosed with conditions where treatment calls for a mandibular distraction osteogenesis. These conditions may include diagnoses such as mandibular micrognathia or hemi facial microsomia. The device is designed to provide distraction along a curvilinear or straight path approximating the natural growth of the mandible.

  • available in 4 sizes.


LOGIC Distraction System.

 Order No.  Description
Right side
 216-0119  Straight Right.
 216-0115  24 mm. Right.
 216-0113  36 mm. Right.
 216-0111  52 mm. Right.
Left side
 216-0118  Straight Left.
 216-0114  24 mm. Left.
 216-0112  36 mm. Left.
 216-0110  52 mm. Left.