The only latex-free diaphragm on the market. The patented WIDE-SEAL omniflex silicone diaphragm provides increased suction action which minimizes risk of diagram dislodging during intercourse. This is the test product.

Able in sizes 60-90.


Order No. Description
 MXWF 60   Circle diam. 44 mm.
 MXWF 65  Circle diam. 51 mm.
 MXWF 70  Circle diam. 57 mm.
 MXWF 75  Circle diam. 64 mm.
 MXWF 80  Circle diam. 70 mm.
 MXWF 85  Circle diam. 76 mm.
 MXWF 90  Circle diam. 83 mm.