the First ChoiceTM system (DRUJ) contains a total Ulna Head replacement as well as a Partial Ulna head replacement in one system.

the instrumentation set provides the same instruments for both implant options, but there are additional instruments present that are needed for the Partial Ulna head replacement.

Within one set, 2 trays are available:

  • Bottom tray : general instruments (reamers, awl etc…).
  • top tray: trails partial Ulna head replacement and the dedicated cutting guide that 

    is needed for the partial Ulna Head replacement surgical technique. the same instrument set is needed to be used with both replacements.

    there is a range sizes of Partial distal Ulnar Radial head replacement available. the patial ulna head replacement is a monoblock implant

    • 3 Stem sizes: 4.5 mm, 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm
    • All these stem size are available with the following head sizes: -14.5, 16.0- 17.5 – 19.0

The surgical technique for Integra DRUJ:

  • Integra Partial DRUJ – PDF
  • Integra Total Modular DRUJ – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

Partial Ulnar Head Implants

 Order No.  Description
 TRL-610-H145-S45  Trial Size: 14.5-4.5
 TRL-610-160-S45  Trial Size: 16.0-4.5
 TRL-610-H175-S45  Trial Size: 17.5-4.5
 TRL-610-H190-S45  Trial Size: 19.0-4.5
 TRL-610-H145-S55  Trial Size: 14.5-5.5
 TRL-610-H160-S55  Trial Size: 16.0-5.5
 TRL-610-H175-S55  Trial Size: 17.5-5.5
 TRL-610-H190-S55  Trial Size: 19.0-5.5
 TRL-610-H145-S65  Trial Size: 14.5-6.5
 TRL-610-H160-S65  Trial Size: 16.0-6.5
 TRL-610-H175-S65  Trial Size: 17.5-6.5
 TRL-610-H190-S65  Trial Size: 19.0-6.5

Total Modular Ulnar Head Implants

 Order No.  Description
 MUH-600-H160-WW  Head, Size: 16.0
 Head, Size: 17.6
 MUH-600-H190-WW  Head, Size: 19.0
 MUH-600-S45-LWW  Stem, Size: 4.5 L
 MUH-600-S45-MWW  Stem, Size: 4.5 M
 MUH-600-S45-SWW  Stem, Size: 4.5 S
 MUH-600-S55-LWW  Stem, Size: 5.5 L
 MUH-600-S55-MWW  Stem, Size: 5.5 M
 MUH-600-S55-SWW  Stem, Size: 5.5 S
 MUH-600-S65-LWW  Stem, Size: 6.5 L
 MUH-600-S65-MWW  Stem, Size: 6.5 M
 MUH-600-S65-SWW  Stem, Size: 6.5 S