PyroCarbon Lunate

PyroCarbon Lunate is intended for replacement of the lunate bone in the proximal carpal row of the wrist in the presence of:

  • Avascular necrosis (Kienboch’s disease)
  • localized osteoarthritic changes
  • long-standing dislocations
    the implant is available in 5 sizes for use in left or right applications.

The surgical technique for Integra PyroCarbon Lunate:

      • Integra PyroCarbon Lunate – PDF

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 Order No.  Description
 LUN-710-01-WW  Size 01
 LUN-710-02-WW  Size 02
 LUN-710-03-WW  Size 03
 LUN-710-04-WW  Size 04
 LUN-710-05-WW  Size 05