PyroCarbon PIP Implant

the Pyrocarbon PIP is a 2-component total joint replacement made from biocompatible Pyrocarbon material.

PIP is indicated for use in arthroplasty of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint when the patient:

    • Has soft tissue and bone that can provide adequate stabilization and fixation under high-demand loading conditions after reconstruction;
    • Needs a revision of a failed PIP prosthesis, or has pain, limited motion, or joint subluxation/dislocation secondary to damage or destruction of the articular cartilage.

The surgical technique for Integra PyroCarbon PIP Implant:

      • Integra PyroCarbon PIP Implant – PDF

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 Order No.  Description
 PIP-200-10D-WW  Distal, Size 10
 PIP-200-10P-WW  Proximal, Size 10
 PIP-200-20P-WW  Distal, Size 20
 PIP-200-20P-WW  Proximal, Size 20
 PIP-200-30P-WW  Distal, Size 30
 PIP-200-30P-WW  Proximal, Size 30
 PIP-200-40P-WW  Distal, Size 40
 PIP-200-40P-WW  Proximal, Size 40