PyroCarbon Radial Head

Modular Radial Head (MRH) and Carbon Modular Radial Head (CMRH) are intended for:

    • Replacement of the radial head for degenerative or post-traumatic disabilities pre- senting pain, crepitation, and decreased motion at the radio-humeral and/or proxi- mal radio-ulnar joint with:
        • joint destruction or subluxation visible on x-ray
        • resistance to conservative treatment
    • Primary replacement after fracture of the radial head.
    • Symptomatic sequelae after radial head resection.
    • Revision following failed radial head arthroplasty.
RadFx system allows surgeons to have all the tools necessary to repair or replace a radial head fracture in one instrument set.
It offers patients a radial head replacement.
The CMRH is an anatomically designed, semi-constrained, single-use, modular (hemi) radial head replacement. It has a proximal articular Pyrocarbon head component and a distal intramedullary Titanium stem component.

Design Specific Features:

    • 3 different Pyrocarbon head sizes ( 20-22-24 ).
    • 4 diffent stem lenghts ( 10, 20, 30, 40) and these 4 sizes are available in both Stan-

      dard or long collar size.

    • 24 head/stem conbinations possible.
    • Anatomically curved, cement less, long stem option.
    • Same Instrument set is used for both the CMRH as the MRH replacement.
    • Colour coded broaches and trials.

The surgical technique for Integra PyroCarbon Radial Head:

    • Integra PyroCarbon Radial Head – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

 Order No.  Description
 CMRH-310-H20-WW  Head Size 20
 CMRH-310-H22-WW  Head Size 22
 CMRH-310-H24-WW  Head Size 24
 Stem Standard Size 01
 Stem Standard Size 02
 CMRH-310-S03S-WW  Stem Standard Size 03
 CMRH-310-S04S-WW  Stem Standard Size 04
  CMRH-310-S01L-WW  Stem Long Size 01
 CMRH-310-S02L-WW  Stem Long Size 02
 CMRH-310-S03L-WW  Stem Long Size 03
 CMRH-310-S04L-WW  Stem Long Size 04