For stress urinary incontinence for a woman who has a very small vaginal introitus.

Able in sizes 0-9.

Guidance Video

See video for guidance of insertion of the hodge pessary here:



Order No. Description
MXPEH 0  Long side length 70 mm.
MXPEH 1  Long side length 76 mm.
MXPEH 2  Long side length 83 mm.
MXPEH 3  Long side length 89 mm.
MXPEH 4  Long side length 92 mm.
 MXPEH 5  Long side length 95 mm.
MXPEH 6  Long side length 98 mm.
MXPEH 7  Long side length 108 mm.
MXPEH 8  Long side length 117 mm.
 MXPEH 9  Long side length 127 mm.