The Katalyst Telescoping Bipolar Radial Head implant retores the support and bearing surface of the radial head in the face of fracture, arthritis or failed prior radial head implantation.

  • Telescoping shafts allows correct length and tension of the soft tissues.
  • Bipolar neck provides optimal load transfer to the humerus and decrease the potential for capitellar wear.
  • Anatomic curvature of the head recreates normarl anatomy.

Surgical Technique

The surgical technique for Integra Katalyst:

  • Integra Katalyst – PDF

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Katalyst Head & Poly

 Order No.  Description.
 22-1418  Size: 18 mm.
 22-1421  Size: 21 mm.
 22-1424  Size: 24 mm.

Katalyst Stem

 Order No.  Description.
 22-1665  Size: 65 mm.
 22-1675  Size: 75 mm.