The Regula are for patients that have a first or second degree prolapse when there is an ill-defined pubic notch. The Regula’s unique design is flexible and can be molded for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the Regula’s design helps prevent expulsion due to the pressure from the prolapse being directly transferred from the pessary’s arch to its spreading legs.

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Surgical Technique

The surgical technique and instructions for Milex Regula Pessary:

  • Milex Regula Pessary – PDF

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Order No. Description
MXPREG 1  Long side length 49 mm.
MXPREG 2  Long side length 51 mm.
MXPREG 3  Long side length 54 mm.
MXPREG 4  Long side length 56 mm.
MXPREG 5  Long side length 57 mm.
MXPREG 6  Long side length 60 mm.
MXPREG 7  Long side length 67 mm.
MXPREG 8  Long side length 73 mm