ReproBone Novo


ReproBone is an innovative range of synthetic bone grafts:

  • Reprobone stimulate, combine and regenerate natural bone.
  • Available in a variety of convenient forms to suit the challenges that surgeons face in orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

ReproBone Novo

  • For use as repair of non-load bearing aseptic osseous defects.
  • Its mouldable and injectable texture is suitable for the filling of small or difficult to access bone defects.
  • Readily resorbed over several months.
  • The high molecular surface area of the hydroxyapatite is 50-100 times greater than typical bone graft technologies.
  • Bridges the gaps between bone surfaces and resists wash-out from bleeding of bone defects.


Order No.  Description
 PAS 1  1 cc
 PAS 2.5  2.5 cc
 PAS 5  5 cc
 2PAS 5  10 cc
 3PAS 5  15 cc