Bioretec ActivaScrew patented Auto-Compression™ technology reduces the risk of unstable fixation. This technology tightens the fracture line and it provides additional support to proper ossification. ActivaScrew™ degrades slowly in the span of approximately two years slowly transferring the stress back to the bone and in doing so accelerating rehabilitation. ActivaScrew™ is fully absorbed in the human body conditions, so there is no need for implant removal operation. This also accelerates the healing process.

ActivaScrew’s™ benefit lies in the patented Auto-Compression™ technology, which maintains compression during the bone healing. The diameter of the screw will increase, and the length will decrease 1-2% in the human body conditions, locking itself in place and maintaining needed compression for appropriate bone healing.

The surgical technique for Bioretec ActivaScrew Insertion:

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See videos for guidance of using the Bioretec ActivaScrew:

Bioretec ActivaScrew Insertion Video

Bioretec ActivaScrew Insertion Video

Order No.  Description
B-AS-2020  2.0 mm x 20 mm
B-AS-2712  2.7 mm x 12 mm
B-AS-2714  2.7 mm x 14 mm
B-AS-2716  2.7 mm x 16 mm
B-AS-2718  2.7 mm x 18 mm
B-AS-2720  2.7 mm x 20 mm
B-AS-2724  2.7 mm x 24 mm
B-AS-3516  3.5 mm x 16 mm
B-AS-3520  3.5 mm x 20 mm
B-AS-3524  3.5 mm x 24 mm
B-AS-3528  3.5 mm x 28 mm
B-AS-3532  3.5 mm x 32 mm
B-AS-3536  3.5 mm x 36 mm
B-AS-3540  3.5 mm x 40 mm
B-AS-3550  3.5 mm x 50 mm
B-AS-4535  4.5 mm x 35 mm
B-AS-4540  4.5 mm x 40 mm
B-AS-4545  4.5 mm x 45 mm
B-AS-4550  4.5 mm x 50 mm
B-AS-4555  4.5 mm x 55 mm
B-AS-4560  4.5 mm x 60 mm
B-AS-4570  4.5 mm x 70 mm
B-AS-4590  4.5 mm x 90 mm