The bone4ce therapy is suitable for all fracture patients who wish to get fit faster for their work or hobbies and for after-care following operations

  • Treatment lasting 20 minutes a day has proven to be ideal for the therapy
  • The small transducer is particularly suitable for fractures in smaller bones (hands, feet or the shoulder area).
  • The large transducer is more suitable for all other fractures since it is easier to position and easier to handle when mobility is restricted.

Studies show:

  • bone4ce – effective for accelerating fracture healing by 38%
  • bone4ce – average healing rate of 86% for non unions

The technical specifications for BTT Bonce 4ce:

  • BTT Bone 4ce Technical Specifications – PDF
  • BTT Bone 4ce Brochure- PDF

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Order No.  Description
 MEL 6001  Small Transducer
 MEL 6011  Medium Transducer