Cemex cement ID Genta Green 70 g

Cemex® System Genta ID Green is the all-in-one system that already contains Cemex® bone cement with Gentamicin, in a fast formula. Its fast formula makes it ideal when fast application times are required. Its green colour makes it easier to recognize it in case of revision surgeries. Gentamicin is released locally and is useful as a prophylactic mean. Cemex® System Genta ID Green is capable of providing safety and simplicity in a single device. In just a few simple steps, the cement is ready to use and combines the excellent features of Cemex® cement alongside with a series of major advantages. Available in the 70g pack.

Cemex® is the bone cement designed by Tecres for joint implants fixation. Right from the start, the company focused on research and development of acrylic resins, creating a unique and revolutionary product in 1986. Since then, the outstanding features of Cemex® have remained unchanged and they are now available in every product of the complete range, making it the ideal cement for all needs. As shown by several international publications, Cemex® is a safe and reliable cement, with excellent mechanical performance and long-term clinical follow-up.

Benefits of Cemex® System

  • No risk of contamination: Cemex® System Genta ID Green is completely sealed. Operators do not come into contact with the material at any stage of the mixing process, nor do the components come into contact with the environment.
  • No vapours: The system is completely odour-free, thus protecting operators from being exposed to monomer fumes.
  • Easy to use and store: Cemex® System Genta ID Green combines a bone-cement mixing system with a bone-cement delivery system. There are no bags to open up, nor tubes to connect together – all that is needed is the purpose-built Gun. Cement can be prepared in a very short time and this can be done by just one person. Its practicality and compactness mean more room on shelves and in the operating theatre.

See videos for guidance of using the Cemex System Genta ID Green:


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 13A2420  Cemex System Genta ID Green