Gap Nail

The Gap endo-exo medullary system is used for the treatment of fractures or correction of deformities in the femur, tibia and humerus of pediatric patients who have reached skeletal maturity or short statured adults.

This fixation device consists of an intramedullary nail linked to a plate via lag and mechanical screws creating a combined Endomedullary / Exomedullary osteosythesis device. This novel approach of osteosynthesis creates a load sharing system between the nail and plate thus limiting the risk of stress fractures and improving the implant stability in weak bones.

Intended use:

  • Diaphyseal fracture of the femur, tibia and humerus
  • Fractures of the femoral neck, subtrochanteric, intertrochanteric and combination fractures
  • Correction of deformities (OI, skeletal dysplasia, Coxa vara, Coxa valga)
  • Nonunions and malunions

The surgical technique for Pega Medical Gap Nail:

    • Pega Medical Gap Nail – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

5.6 mm GAP Nail Implant

Head: 12.0 mm, Neck: 9.0 mm

 Order No.  Description
GAP-N56-16  Length: 160 mm
GAP-N56-18  Length: 180 mm
GAP-N56-20  Length: 200 mm
GAP-N56-22  Length: 220 mm
GAP-N56-24  Length: 240 mm
GAP-N56-26  Length: 260 mm
GAP-N56-28  Length: 280 mm
GAP-N56-30  Length: 300 mm
GAP-N56-32  Lenght: 320 mm

6.4 mm GAP Nail Implant

Head: 12.0 mm, Neck: 9.0 mm

 Order No.  Description
GAP-N64-16  Length: 160 mm
GAP-N64-18  Length: 180 mm
GAP-N64-20  Length: 200 mm
GAP-N64-22  Length: 220 mm
GAP-N64-24  Length: 240 mm
GAP-N64-26  Length: 260 mm
GAP-N64-28  Length: 280 mm
GAP-N64-30  Length: 300 mm
GAP-N64-32  Lenght: 320 mm

7.2 mm GAP Nail Implant

Head: 12.5 mm, Neck: 9.5 mm

 Order No.  Description
GAP-N72-16  Length: 160 mm
GAP-N72-18  Length: 180 mm
GAP-N72-20  Length: 200 mm
GAP-N72-22  Length: 220 mm
GAP-N72-24  Length: 240 mm
GAP-N72-26  Length: 260 mm
GAP-N72-28  Length: 280 mm
GAP-N72-30  Length: 300 mm
GAP-N72-32  Lenght: 320 mm

8.0 mm GAP Nail Implant

Head: 12.5 mm, Neck: 9.5 mm

 Order No.  Description
GAP-N80-28  Length: 280 mm
GAP-N80-30  Length: 300 mm
GAP-N80-32  Lenght: 320 mm


 Order No.  Description
GAP-SSN55  Semi-Spherical Nut
GAP-WAS100  Cortical washer

Lag Screws

 Order No.  Description
GAP-LG050  Length: 50 mm
GAP-LG055  Length: 55 mm
GAP-LG060  Length: 60 mm
GAP-LG065  Length: 65 mm
GAP-LG070  Length: 70 mm
GAP-LG075  Length: 75 mm
GAP-LG080  Length: 80 mm
GAP-LG085  Length: 85 mm
GAP-LG090  Lenght: 90 mm
GAP-LG095  Lenght: 95 mm
GAP-LG100  Lenght: 100 mm