Gehrung with Knop

The Gehrung with or without knop derives its support from the lateral remnants of the levator sling, thus avoiding pressure on the rectum. Because of the folding design, the pessary size necessary for adequate support can be inserted even when the introitus is narrow. The Gehrung also provides broad support under the bladder and helps prevent the descent of the uterus.

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The instruction for use for Milex Gehrung with knob:

  • Milex Gehrung with knob – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the instruction for use to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

Order No. Description
 MXPGSK 2 Diam. between circleside. 51 mm.
 MXPGSK 3 Diam. between circleside. 54 mm.
 MXPGSK 4 Diam. between circleside. 57 mm.
 MXPGSK 5 Diam. between circleside. 60 mm.