I.B.S Fully Threaded Screw

Innovative Bone Synthesis Fully Threaded

  • The design of the I.B.S screw is optimized to distribute the compression effort, maximize and facilitate the osteosynthesis
  • The I.B.S screw is available in 3.0mm. The I.B.S compression and neutralization screws are cannulated, self-drilling and self-tapping.
  • Made in titanium Ti6Al4V, all the screws are delivered in sterile tubes.

The surgical technique for I.B.S Fully Threaded 3.0 mm Screw:

  • I.B.S Fully Threaded 3.0 mm Screw – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

Fully Threaded Screw – Diameter 3.0 mm

Order No.  Description
 S30 ST212  12 mm
 S30 ST214  14 mm
 S30 ST216  16 mm
 S30 ST218  18 mm
 S30 ST220  20 mm
 S30 ST222  22 mm
 S30 ST224  24 mm
 S30 ST226  26 mm
 S30 ST228  28 mm