I.B.S Neutralisation Screw

Innovative Bone Synthesis Neutralisation Screws

  • The design of the I.B.S screw is optimized to distribute the compression effort, maximize and facilitate the osteosynthesis
  • The I.B.S screw is available in 6.5mm and 8.0mm. The I.B.S compression and neutralization screws are cannulated, self-drilling and self-tapping.
  • Made in titanium Ti6Al4V, all the screws are delivered in sterile tubes.

The surgical technique for I.B.S Neutralisation 6.5 & 8.0 mm Screw:

  • I.B.S Neutralisation 6.5 & 8.0 mm Screw – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

Neutralisation Screw – Diameter 6.5 mm

Order No.  Description
 S65 ST235  35 mm
 S65 ST240  40 mm
 S65 ST245  45 mm
 S65 ST250  50 mm
 S65 ST255  55 mm
 S65 ST260 T25  60 mm
 S65 ST265  65 mm
 S65 ST270  70 mm
 S65 ST275  75 mm
 S65 ST280  80 mm

Neutralisation Screw – Diameter 8.0 mm

Order No.  Description
 S80 ST250 T30  50 mm
 S80 ST255 T30  55 mm
 S80 ST260 T30  60 mm
 S80 ST265 T30  65 mm
 S80 ST270 T30  70 mm
 S80 ST275 T30  75 mm
 S80 ST280 T30  80 mm
 S80 ST285 T30  85 mm
 S80 ST290 T30  90 mm
 S80 ST295 T30  95 mm
 S80 ST300  100 mm
 S80 ST305  105 mm
 S80 ST310  110 mm