Large Uni Clip

For Fixation of bone fractures or for bone reconstruction in mid and hindfoot.

  • Dual Compression system.
  • Material: Stainless Steel 316L.
  • Sterily packaged.

The surgical technique for Integra Large Uni Clip:

  • Integra Large Uni Clip – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 


Order No. Description
313 820s Interaxis 20 mm, Length 20 mm
313 825s Interaxis 25 mm, Length 25 mm


Order No. Description
314 820s Interaxis 25 mm,
Length 20/25 mm
314 827s Interaxis 30 mm,
Length 25/32 mm


Order No. Description
213 512s Interaxis 25 mm,
Length 12 mm
213 820s Interaxis 30 mm,
Length 20 mm