Modular Radial Head

The Integra Modular Radial Head (MRH) system unites flexibility with simplicity – head shape, stem design and size combinations address a broad range of patient anatomy.

Key Features: 

  • Modular stem and head sizing addresses patient anatomy and indications
  • The only modular system with a curved, long anatomic stem option
  • Tapered, articular friendly shape
    • Reduces edge loading on the capitellum and radial notch
    • Allows for annular ligament closure
    • Helps preserve critical soft tissue structures
  • Cementless
  • Simplified instruments provide a reproducible outcome
  • Stemless trials minimize bone removal
  • In-wound or back table assembly option

The surgical technique for Integra Modular Radial Head:

  • Integra Modular Radial Head – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

 Order No.  Description
 MRH-350-20L  Head Size 20 Long
 MRH-350-20S  Head Size 20 Standard
 MRH-350-22L  Head Size 22 Long
 MRH-350-22S  Head Size 22 Standard
 MRH-350-24L  Head Size 24 Long
 MRH-350-24S  Head Size 24 Standard
 MRH-350-01  Stem Size 01
 MRH-350-02  Stem Size 02
 MRH-350-03  Stem Size 03
 Stem Size 04