Limb deformities in children are relatively common and occasionally require surgical treatment. Techniques that take advantage of open growth plates are unique and allow for gradual correction with significantly less morbidity than osteotomy. The new I-Plate and O-Plate from OrthoPediatrics are robust, minimally invasive and allow for immediate weight bearing, thus enhancing a speedy postoperative recovery.

The concept of physeal tethering has been successful clinically for many years. Physeal stapling has largely been replaced by newer devices such as the I-Plate and O-Plate which are stronger, lower profile, simpler and safer to use. The goal of the I-Plate and O-Plate is to produce gradual deformity correction by a temporary growth plate tether on one side while the opposite side continues to grow.

This results in gradual deformity correction. The I-Plate and O-Plate is then removed once the correction is achieved, permitting continued growth.


Indications for use of the I-Plate and O-Plate include the gradual correction of most pediatric deformities with healthy growth plates and adequate growth remaining. Genu varum and valgum are common, as well as, genu recurvatum and ankle valgus. Essentially, any angular deformity with growth remaining can be considered for gradual correction with this technique.

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Plates and Screws provide greater strength, resistance to breakage, as well as ease of removal.
  • Multiple plate sizes and configurations offer greater options intraoperatively.
  • All screws are self-tapping for easy insertion.
  • Utilizes 4.5 Stainless Steel Cannulated Screws with multiple screw length options.
  • Low-profile Plates.
  • The I-Plate more adequately addresses larger and heavier patients by providing additional fixation options.
  • Dark laser etched line or center hole for guide wire on the plate allows for proper positioning.

The surgical technique for OrthoPediatrics PediPlate:

  • OrthoPediatrics PediPlate – PDF

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 Order No.  Description
 00-1015-416  Plate size: 16 mm
 00-1015-422  Plate size: 22 mm
 00-1015-432  Plate size: 32 mm


 Order No.  Description
 00-1012-212  Plate size: 12 mm
 00-1012-216  Plate size: 16 mm
 00-1012-220  Plate size: 20 mm
 00-1012-224  Plate size: 24 mm

4.5 mm Cannulated Screws, Fully Threaded

 Order No.  Description
 00-1015-616  Screw length: 16 mm
 00-1015-620  Screw length: 20 mm
 00-1015-624  Screw length: 24 mm
 00-1015-628  Screw length: 28 mm
 00-1015-632  Screw length: 32 mm
 00-1015-636  Screw length: 36 mm