ReproBone Blocks

ReproBone is an innovative range of synthetic bone grafts:

  • Reprobone stimulate, combine and regenerate natural bone.
  • Available in a variety of convenient forms to suit the challenges that surgeons face in orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

ReproBone Granular and Paste form

  • For use as repair of non-load bearing aseptic osseous defects.
  • Maintains bone volume throughout the whole repair and regeneration process.
  • Reprobone undergoes complete resorption at a controlled rate due to similar composition to human bone.
  • Granules, blocks, wedges, cylinders and discs available in a large range of convenient sizes.

ReproBone Blocks

Order No.  Description
 RB0511  5x10x10 mm
 RB112  10x10x20 mm
 RB113  10x10x30 mm
 RB114  10x10x40 mm
 RB122  10x20x20 mm
 RB123  10x20x30 mm
 RB124  10x20x40 mm
 RB133  10x30x30 mm