Reprobone Granules

ReproBone is an innovative range of synthetic bone grafts:

  • Reprobone stimulate, combine and regenerate natural bone.
  • Available in a variety of convenient forms to suit the challenges that surgeons face in orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

ReproBone Granular and Paste form

  • For use as repair of non-load bearing aseptic osseous defects.
  • Maintains bone volume throughout the whole repair and regeneration process.
  • Reprobone undergoes complete resorption at a controlled rate due to similar composition to human bone.
  • Granules, blocks, wedges, cylinders and discs available in a large range of convenient sizes.

ReproBone Granules (1-4 mm)

Order No.  Description
 RBD025  0.25 cc
 RBD05  0.5 cc
 RBD1  1 cc
 RBD2.5  2.5 cc
 RGB5  5 cc
 RGB10  10 cc
 RGB15  15 cc
 RGB20  20 cc
 RGB30  30 cc

ReproBone Granules (0.8-1.5 mm)

Order No.  Description
 RBM025  0.25 cc
 RBM05  0.5 cc