Biocomposites STIMULAN® Rapid Cure is calcium sulfate powder and aqueous mixing solution supplied in pre-measured quantities. When mixed, the resultant paste may be implanted into open voids/gaps of the musculoskeletal system to set in situ or placed in the bead mould mat provided to form beads for implantation. STIMULAN® Rapid Cure is biodegradable and is absorbed by the body in approximately 30 to 60 days. Accessories are provided for the preparation and use of STIMULAN® Rapid Cure. STIMULAN® Rapid Cure, accessories and packaging are not made from natural rubber latex. STIMULAN® is non-metallic and non-magnetic and poses no known hazards in all Magnetic Resonance environments.The characteristics of STIMULAN® Rapid Cure make it suitable as a carrier material for substances such as antibiotics.

Stimulan is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier – specifically designed to support the proactive management of dead space and surgical site infection with unrivaled flexibility and the broadest surgical application.

  • The only calcium matrix certified for use in bone and soft tissue
  • Certified for mixing with vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin
  • Can be placed directly into infected and non-infected sites

The surgical technique for Biocomposites Stimulan:

  • Biocomposites Stimulan Kit – PDF
  • Biocomposites Stimulan Rapid Cure – PDF

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Order No.  Description
 620-005  Rapid Cure 5CC
 620-010  Rapid Cure 10CC
 620-020  Rapid Cure 20CC


Order No.  Description
 600-005  Stimulan KIT 5CC
 600-010  Stimulan KIT 10CC


Order No.  Description
 660-001  Stimulan Bullet