The new TENATAC® range of absorbable haemostatic gelatine sponges have a surface modification for increased tissue adhesion. TenaTac is used during and after surgical procedures to achieve local haemostasis by tamponade effect.

TenaTac has a unique surface modification created with high precision. The surface of the sponge is divided into over 1000 columns. This leads to a 10-fold increase in surface area, greatly increasing the interaction between the product and the underlying tissue. The flexible columns conform to the variations in tissue surface and act independently to resist shear forces that may dislodge a normal sponge in the peri-operative period.

For more information regarding the Tenatac functionality and unique mode of action follow the link below:

Tenatac – How It WorksLink

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The instruction for use for Tenatac:

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Order No.  Size
 TT04025  40 mm x 25 mm x 10 mm
 TT05040  50 mm x 40 mm x10 mm
 TT08050  80 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm