Tri-Point FSO

The Tri-Point FSO is a frontal sagittal orthosis that acts as an unloader brace helping to restore a natural center of gravity. This aids in enhancing the quality of life for adult patients  with spinal alignment deformities and postural spinal imbalances.

  • Promotes a more natural center of gravity through the compression system.

  • Designed for unique patients needs
  • Easy to use compression system

Aspen Tri-Point FSO – Brochure

The instruction for use for Aspen Tri-Point FSO:

  • Aspen Tri-Point FSO – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the instructions for use to load. The time depends on your bandwidth.

See the video for guidance of using Tri-Point FSO :


Circumference of the waistline.

Order No.  Description
591911  Aspen Tri-Point FSO (Adjustable) from 61 – 114 cm
993905  Dual Strut Configuration Kit
993910  Replacement Sleeve Set
992505  Aspen Extension Panel (+25 cm)