Wee Walker

Wee Walker from Breg is a child’s walker boot, designed to fit children as young as one year. Examples of use includes sprians and strains of the ankle and foot prians and Sever’s disease.

The Wee Walker includes features such as:

  • Durable aluminum tough enough for average kids
  • Heel height, width and rocker bottom designed for small children
  • Forefoot straps immobilize the ankle
  • Built-in pneumatic system (Wee Walker Air only)

The instruction for use for Breg Wee Walker:

  • Breg Wee Walker – PDF (not available yet)

Note: Please have patience for the instruction for use to load. The time depends on your bandwidth.

Order No.  Description  Foot Length  Leg Length
 AL185009BB  S – M (1 – 2 years old)  Up to 15 cm  Up to 23 cm
 AL185007BB  L (2,5 – 6 years old)  Up to 15 – 19 cm  Up to 28 cm
 AL185009BB  XL (6,5 – 9,5 years old)  Up to 19 – 22 cm  Up to 36 cm