Activa IM-Nail

Bioretecs Activa IM-Nail is the world’s first bioabsorbable option for pediatric forearm intramedullary nailing. While slowly absorbing, the implant slowly transfers stress to the healing bone, assisting in the healing process. Due to the implant absorption, the risks of implant-related long term complications are eliminated. Thanks to the complete bioabsorption of Activa IM-Nail™, normal bone growth is allowed without long-term complications related to biostable implants.

Activa IM-Nail™ offers an economical solution for hospitals and society, as the unnecessary removal operation and costs related will be avoided. The insertion technique respects traditional intramedullary nailing methods. Ductility and stiffness of the Activa IM-Nail™ enables easy insertion.

The surgical technique for Bioretec Activa IM-Nail:

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See videos for guidance of using the Activa IM-Nail


Order No.  Description
 B-ANIM-20200  2.0 mm x 200 mm
 B-ANIM-20300  2.0 mm x 300 mm
 B-ANIM-20400  2.0 mm x 400 mm
 B-ANIM-27200  2.7 mm x 200 mm
 B-ANIM-27300  2.7 mm x 300 mm
 B-ANIM-27400  2.7 mm x 400 mm
 B-ANIM-32200  3.2 mm x 200 mm
 B-ANIM-32300  3.2 mm x 300 mm
 B-ANIM-32400  3.2 mm x 400 mm
Order No.  Description
 B-INIM-2000  Dilator for 2.0 mm intramedullary nail
 B-INIM-2700  Dilator for 2.7 mm intramedullary nail
 B-INIM-3200  Dilator for 3.2 mm intramedullary nail
 B-INIM-4000  Inserter for intramedullary nail