Constant wrist pain is often associated with a damaged disal radio-ulnar joint, which is loacted at the end of the forearm. This is where the radius is supported by and rotates around ulna. The pain is a result of damage to the joint, including cartilage and sorrounding soft tissue structures.
This is why APTIS has developed a revolutionary device. It’s safe, and it works. Here’s how it works. During the prosthesis implantation procedure, a metal plate is attached to the radius. The ulna is checked and if needed carefully trimmed to allow for the best possible fit, a metal stem is then inserted down the interior of the ulna. The polymer ball then slides on to a highly polished peg on the top of the ulna stem and is secured to the metal device on the radius with a small metal cap.

Ulnar Stem in optional lengths and diameters.

The surgical technique for Aptis Prosthesis:

  • Aptis Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint Prosthesis – PDF

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Standard Length

 Order No.  Description.
 IS 045  Diameter 4.5 mm.
 IS 050  Diameter 5.0 mm.

1 cm. Extended

 Order No.  Description.
 IS 140  Diameter 4.0 mm.
 IS 145  Diameter 4.5 mm.
 IS 150  Diameter 5.0 mm.
 IS 160  Diameter 6.0 mm.

2 cm. Extended

 Order No.  Description.
 IS 240  Diameter 4.0 mm.
 IS 245  Diameter 4.5 mm.
 IS 250  Diameter 5.0 mm.
 IS 260  Diameter 6.0 mm.

3 cm. Extended

 Order No.  Description.
 IS 340  Diameter 4.0 mm.
 IS 345  Diameter 4.5 mm.
 IS 350  Diameter 5.0 mm.
 IS 360  Diameter 6.0 mm.

4 cm. Extended

 Order No.  Description.
 IS 440  Diameter 4.0 mm.
 IS 445  Diameter 4.5 mm.
 IS 450  Diameter 5.0 mm.
 IS 460  Diameter 6.0 mm.