Flexi Nail

The Flexi Nail offers a simple fixation by using two curved nails. The nails are introduced into the medullary canal in such a way as to create an elastic fixation that resists deformity.
The Flexi Nail has the advatage of a closed operative technique.
The nails are implanted above and below the growth plates significanly reducing disruption to the growth. Early funtional recovery can be expected generally without plaster immobilisation resulting in a shorter hospital stay.
For femoral fractures are the recommended age for threatment, 6-14 years of age.
For forearm fractures are the recommended age for threatment, 8 years of age, or older.

  • Five different diameters marked is such a way for easy identification.
  • Twenty three nail lengths
  • Each nail identified with a lot number.
  • Material: Titanium (ELI-TA6V)

The surgical technique for BioMed Flexi Nail:

  • BioMed Flexi Nail – PDF

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 Order No.  Description

 Diameter: 2 millimeter.

T29 SC20300  Lenght: 300 mm.

Diameter: 2.5 millimeter.

T29 SC25300  Lenght: 300 mm.

Diameter: 3 millimeter.

T29 SC30400 Lenght: 400 mm.

Diameter: 3.5 millimeter.

T29 SC35400  Lenght: 400 mm.

Diameter: 4 millimeter.

T29 SC40450 Lenght: 450 mm