Novae Coptos TH

Uncemented acetabular cup delivered with pegs. Screws is bought seperately.

Check the Guidance Sheet and Surgical Technique section for more information.

The surgical technique for SERF Novae Coptos TH:

  • SERF Novae Coptos TH – PDF
  • SERF Novae Coptos TH (Dansk) – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth.

See the link for materials used in the manufacture of SERF hip implant – PDF

Novae Coptos TH

Order No. Description
 RM45360001  43 mm
 RM45360002  45 mm
 RM45360003  47 mm
 RM45360004  49 mm
 RM45360005  51 mm
 RM45360006  53 mm
 RM45360007  55 mm
 RM45360008  57 mm
 RM45360009  59 mm
 RM453600010  61 mm