Incontinence Dish with Support

For stress urinary incontinence with a mild prolapse and mild cystocele.

Able in sizes 0-6.

The instruction for use for Milex Incontinens Dish with support :

  • Milex Incontinens Dish with support – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the instruction for use to load. The time depends on your bandwidth. 

See video for guidance of insertion of the ring pessary here:


Order No. Description
MXPCONDS 0   Circle diam. 55 mm.
MXPCONDS 1  Circle diam. 60 mm.
MXPCONDS 2  Circle diam. 65 mm.
MXPCONDS 3  Circle diam. 70 mm.
MXPCONDS 4  Circle diam. 75 mm.
MXPCONDS 5  Circle diam. 80 mm.
MXPCONDS 6  Circle diam. 85 mm.