Cube with drainage holes

Support for the third degree prolapse/procidentia. with drainage holes and available in sizes 0-7.

The surgical technique for Milex Cube pessary:

  • Milex Cube pessary – PDF

Note: Please have patience for the Surgical Technique to load. The time depends on your bandwidth.

See videos for guidance of using the Milex Cube pessary:


Order No. Description
MXPECH 0  Circle diam. 25 mm.
MXPECH 1  Circle diam. 30 mm.
MXPECH 2  Circle diam. 35 mm.
MXPECH 3  Circle diam. 38 mm.
MXPECH 4  Circle diam. 41 mm.
MXPECH 5  Circle diam. 44 mm.
MXPECH 6  Circle diam. 51 mm.
MXPECH 7  Circle diam. 57 mm.